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I love this series. I love the characters, the dialogue and storylines. I also love the action and adventure aspect of it as well. This book was no different. It had drama, action, suspense, mystery, romance…it had it all. I loved how the characters interact with each other not just the two MCs, but all of the characters. The only bump I found in the story was when they were discussing how Colin and Ed were discussing how they would take care of the baby. Colin mentioned something about being able to afford the rising health insurance premiums for the baby. Active duty service members and their families do not pay for their insurance. It’s an entitlement with the military. Me working with military insurance is the only reason why that stood out to me. Other than that tiny blip, the story was perfect. The series is a definite must read and I truly recommend it.
Rubbing his stomach still, he swam over to some coral reefs and eased himself down to catch his breath. Swimming for long periods of time just wasn’t something he could do now that he had been able to do before thanks to his full womb. I bet she’s hiding somewhere and giggling at me. He pouted while he looked around himself.
It wasn’t a surprise his personal servant Mithra had become impregnated at the start of that Spring, (Mithra had yet to escape a breeding season without becoming impregnated, his body longed by all as it were) and Adonis was taking advantage of the fact Mithra was his own personal servant and not another’s by making him hold his pregnancy for as long as he could manage, and enjoy the fruits of this lustrum’s
“Come on, let’s get this show on the road. Maybe I’ll leave ravishing you until after I give you a nice warm bath to help with those aches and pains.” Jared said as he guided Jensen up into the passenger seat.
After the traumatic birth of their sons, the Supreme Leader and the Grand Marshall retreat to their sanctuary on Naboo to raise them away from the prying eyes of the galaxy. But enemies new and old are drawing ever nearer.
Castiel and Dean just stared at one another for a moment before Dean felt a wave of excruciating agony pour through his veins and wings and before he could comprehend anything, he was screaming, the pain unbelievable. He could feel his muscles start to flail out of control as what felt like lava poured through them.
It was then he felt the baby’s head move into position. He took hold of Sniper’s wrist and looked up at him. Sniper couldn’t help but be shocked at the expression on Spy’s face. He’d never seen him like that before, ever. This was a man who’d been in countless dangerous situations and had lived to tell the tale. Who’d survived living in nazi occupied France as a child. He was always a stoic man, he never showed fear, even when things went to hell in a hand basket. Yet here he was, gazing up at Sniper like a frightened little boy.
Okay so lil headcanon I can’t stop thinking about!! Consider this, a super cute and kinda chubby omega all cute and dressed up was at dinner with other omega friends but it’s really late and on their way to to order a taxi since they left the restaurant, they notice they’re getting kind of followed/catcalled by a scary alpha who looks older than them and everything, the scary alpha keeps saying stuff like “Looking fine sweetcheeks” or “Lemme help you get home you can ride my dick” and super horrible stuff to the omega that make them anxious and scared cause they know that when they’re alone the alpha is gonna do something to them. So now they’re walking by a parking lot and the ugly alpha goes “Cute lil unmated thing huh, lemme be ur alpha imma fuck u real good”, at that moment the omega sees an alpha about their age about to open his car and the omega runs and hugs their arm saying “You f-finally found the car sweetie!” They looks at the stranger alpha with teary eyes begging him to understand, the alpha looks at them confused and then looks at the weird dude, they hugs the omega’s waist and says “Yeah, I just forgot where we parked it honey” and kisses the top of theirbhead. The alpha lets out heavy, intoxicating and like agressive (???) scent and goes “Have a problem with my mate, jackass?” The older alpha groans and leaves. When the scary alpha is off somewhere rlly far the omega starts crying, gosh that was scary!! The good alpha kneels down and starts asking the omega if they’re okay and stuff and offers to take then home, the omega nods and follows the alpha into their car and the alpha just plays nice music in the background. The alpha’s car smells sweet and calm, the omega looks at them and then looks back down. The alpha is trying to be calm (which is hard bc they have a really cute omega who’s on the bridge of tears next to them and they wanna hug em but at the same time it’s weird to do so and the alpha is confused) so he starts talking to the omega about stuff like what’s your name how are you what’s your fav color and stuff. When they get to the omega’s home the alpha gives them a tight hug and then the omega goes “C-Can I get y-your number?!” The alpha blushes like crazy and gives them their number, waiting to get home and recieve a text from the sweet omega.
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