“Paranormal Mpreg Romance Contains Important Omega Male”

The minute Louis realized the baby was his he felt as though his world was crashing down. Now he has to explain to the entire world that the relationship he once had with his band-mate, Harry Styles, was in fact true. He fears he might loose his girlfriend and possibly Harry as a friend. But when Harry brings a little baby with bright blue eyes into the world Louis realizes maybe he was wrong about himself and his descison.
Alexandra was in Hong Kong during the crusade when Zelman found her. She had lost her parents, and in a spur of the moment decision he decided to keep her. Now he has to deal with a red blood who is experiencing emotions he had never dealt with before, and as she deals with them herself she’s starting to realize that he doesn’t get it, and maybe never will. Eventual Zelman/OC
But Dylan doesn’t believe in fate, and a future with Sawyer no longer factors into her risk-free plans. As he dares her to be the person she has always wanted to be, can she find it within herself to abandon her fears and seize this opportunity for a second chance?
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Cas smiles as Dean holds his side and sucks a breath of air through his teeth. At least someone’s knocking some sense into his idiotic spouse. “Good baby,” he says, patting a hand lightly against Dean’s stomach.
Amber eyes, pale skin, and whispered love confessions: they were fine as dreams. But when Sirius finds himself drawing closer and closer to a point of obsession, he knows he has no choice but to push against the thin barriers between dreams and reality.
I was for more forward moving within the pack but it’s still in slow motion and very cautious. Interesting to try hiding in plain sight with a little help from others in need. Not only that but basically we have like a total of 6 days between them to build this relationship, which is spread out by at least 3 months. That’s a little excessive. Not sure how that bodes well for future books in the series.
“I doubt that,” Ollie quips, eyes dropping as low as they can with the table in the way. Cas squints, sending the waiter into a brief coughing fit. “Acgh—agh, I’m… sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”
He was sent to welcome them to the neighborhood… Breaking into their home wasn’t part of his assignment, and his bosses at Alateeka Protection Services will be horrified when they learn that he entered a private home while two vampires slept…
            “Um….” Derek said, softly in case they were awake still. Scott and Isaac looked up at him and scrambled to put pants on. They both blushed and Derek raised an eyebrow. “Just use protection, Scott. Assuming you’re the top. By the way you two were cuddling. I’m awkward now and I don’t know why I’m still talking.”
If two are better than one… then three is best!Alpha couple Richard and Dusty may not fit the world’s sense of normal, but they have each other. As a graphic designer who works from home while his pilot husband is off flying the friendly skies, Dusty spends way too many hours alone. Hours spent…
Yeah, as Everbright says… the biggest *cough* “realism” issue is that in an actual wolf pack, alpha male mates with alpha female, not with the omegas. Alpha female wolves are like alpha male wolves — often just as aggressive or more aggressive than their male partners. (There are documented cases of very aggressive alpha females with fairly easygoing alpha males.) Alpha males might in fact try to mate with other females in the pack, too, but it’s generally the alpha female who warns off the other females (an alpha male’s daughters will also warn off his attempts to mate with them), and I think I’ve seen theories that her dominance causes the subordinate females not to go into estrus anyway. Subordinate females, including omegas, who become pregnant in a pack risk the alphas killing them, killing their pups, driving them away from the pack, or in a best-case scenario, taking their pups to raise as their own…[2], Eregyrn, Jul 10 2012
I rejected my father’s idea of what it meant to be Alpha — what it meant to be royalty. I lost my crown and homeland, and live in exile for plotting against my father’s machinations. I regret nothing. That isn’t true. My regrets haunt me every day. My sacrifice saved lives, and was worth it all….