“Paranormal Mpreg Romance By Wolf Favorites I Love Mpreg”

Matthew Bruner is a bear shifter destined for greatness. Or that’s what he’s always been told. As the next in line to become alpha of his clan, Matthew’s days of singlehood are drawing to a close. Long since committed to a prearranged mating, Matthew finds himself feeling trapped and, worse, afraid. In a desperate attempt to prolong his freedom, Matthew flees his family’s ancestral home and heads to the nearest city. It’s there that he meets Ezra Tier, a tiger shifter with a bad streak the size of a mountain.
”We need you to catch this baby. I need to help Sebastian and soothe him.” Grell says,Worry in his voice as Sebastian yells out and drops to all fours,Rocking back and forth desperately. Sweat drips from his face and he can barely stand to spread his legs far enough apart for Ciel to slide a towel under him,To catch the blood fluids and such. Ciel finally gets the towel under him and instructs Sebastian to push,Grell lowering himself in front of Sebastian,Stroking his hair and coaching him to breathe. Sebastian grabs hold of Grell’s neck and buries his face into his shoulder,Screaming out as he bears down hard,Feeling the ring of fire and the babies head popping out,Releasing a large amount of fluid and blood onto the towel. Ciel wets a towel and presses it against Sebastian’s anus,Before putting scented oil on his finger and dabbing it all around,Trying to soothe Sebastian’s pain. Sebastian is grateful for the pain relief,No matter how small. He moans and tightens his hold around Grell’s neck as he bears down again,Panting as he frees the shoulders.
He could feel the movement of the babies inside, which made a smile creep it’s way onto his face. Each time he felt their movement inside his distended belly, it made everything worth it; he’d soon be a father. He turned his body so his stomach was now above himself while he swam, and he rubbed the orb while admiring it’s growth.
Anyways, sooooo remember when I asked you guys to name some AUs you wanted? WEELLLL I got some comics in mind for a couple of them (and even some I’ve stored away from last year) and so now they can be continued and hopefully concluded~ yay!
Zoey Ellis writes dark-edged, speculative romances bursting with passionate, carnal steam. She loves tortured, possessive, alpha heroes and is obsessed with exploring love in its raw form, and how that can manifest in different circumstances and settings. 
Fed up with the world and the lies he’s been fed. Cat shifter Loris decides to forgo the human life for life on the street as a stray. But when mother nature and a rival species known as canines strike, Loris ends up making rash decisions. Decisions that might make him run into his death.
”Yes,Keep your legs like that. It’s hard to do this if your legs are closed,Young Master.” He says before sitting down on the bed in front of Ciel. Before he can do anything,A pain in his stomach causes him to double over over his stomach,A hand automatically snapping to it as he rubs it and tries to steady his own breathing. As it ends,He brushes it off and places his hand on Ciel’s knee and places a finger from his free hand into Ciel’s Anus,Causing Ciel to whimper and snap his legs closed around Sebastian’s hand.
Originally I felt because there were so many covert operations and so much military action, that I was disappointed. Where was my romance? Where was my Omega? Where was my mpregnancy? Then I got to know Mal and his sister, Morna. She was equally as tough and clever as he was. The Navy Seals were initially not all that impressive. In particular Petty Officer Trent. Despite sage advice from his superior and Mal’s sister, Tr …more
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I’m still scared. The life growing in me is like the size of a sesame seed and the smallest mistake could kill it. Shizuo hasn’t left me alone since I told him and I guess I don’t mind. He feeds me and does all the house work so I don’t complain. Namine hasn’t been around but currently my moods are all over the place and the last thing I need is her being around.
Jason is basically a woman after he and Mac do the nasty. Little by little this guy transformed, and all the little girly sweet inside thoughts that he’d had about gardening and having babies, (all the things I tried to ignore) and all this “omega” juice starting spewing out by the gallons. Idk. It just turned into a standard het. Romance for me. I guess the author intends to give Jason room to grow, but I’m not all that interested in waiting around.
“It won’t be long until you are holding him in your arms.” She whispered softly, and the thought made a genuine smile pull at my full lips, and my silver eyes tear up in joy. We both shared a smile, and after a while, I drifted off in a light sleep, lulled by Pansy softly stoking my hair and humming a unknown tune to me.