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With another cry, he rolled back on his back and gripped his knees pushing. It was budging, slowly but it was coming he could feel it right up against his ass now. Oh that’s going to hurt, he thought, tears were forming and his hair was stuck to his forehead with sweat. He felt like he was a woman in labour like on those T.V. shows he sometimes watched. “Aaaghhh,” he grunted, the waves of pain were closer and harder to take each time; taking up all his energy and his body was insisting that he dispel of whatever was jammed up his ass. Alex rolled his head back trying to gather up the strength he thought he had from so many years of working out. None of that seemed to prepare him for whatever was going at the moment. He sharply inhaled between clenched teeth and bored down as another contraction came crashing his way. He wasn’t going to stop this time. He had to get rid of this thing; hopefully this was all just a bad dream, he prayed. “Gahhhh,” the thing was slipping down, down – he could feel his asshole stretching in a way it never had stretched before and probably shouldn’t be stretched in such away. “Ohhhhhhh!!!!!” he moaned this time in more pleasure as he came all over his stomach and collapsed back on the bed.
Kade is a workaholic packless omega (raised by his human aunt, has a close relationship with his cousin Poppy) who on top of his demanding job as a social worker, he spends any free time as a volunteer at a local animal shelter. Let’s not forget the fact he has three dogs of his own. After a comment by his boss and a talk to by his cousin, he decides to join OmegaDate and is surprised when he gets a message pretty much immediately from Rocco.
1. Dirty Business by ILoveToChin25: Harry is captured after setting off on his own to find the remaining Horcruxes, and is kept alive for Voldemort’s own nefarious games. Draco Malfoy is assigned to look after him, and does so to protect his own self interest. Or does he? ***This story is a friggin epic. It’s around 185k words so buckle up. 
Excitement bubbled in his chest, determination once again lining his features, “If you need a hug then I’ll hug you! I googled so I’m confident in my abilities to help you through your pre-heat symptoms!”
”No,No Ciel. Spread your legs. I know this is uncomfortable for you,I know but I need you to cooperate with me.” He says,Biting his tongue with pain,Trying to prevent Ciel from noticing before finally spreading Ciel’s legs back out. He feels in Ciel’s anus and his eyes go wide as he feels that Ciel is in fact,in labor. He takes a deep breath and withdraws his finger,Wiping it on an unused handkerchief.
“I dislike the whole concept of [A/B/O]. I mean, sure there are parallels to ways of life in the real world where there are alpha people who kind of have the power over others, but that’s because it’s in different cultures, not on a biological level. And my instinct tells me it’s so basically wrong that people/persons can be reduced to animalistic aspects like it’s drawn out in the omegaverse.” (Laura, female, straight, 18-25, Germany)
Dionysus groaned at Noir and tried to recompose himself to waddle out of the restaurant but with another powerful contract, he froze and tried his hardest not to bear down, but the pain of his stomach tightening with the contraction made him want to push so badly. Even though his pants were tight with an egg that still need removed, he bore down, the egg in his anus inching out further.
When Brendon finds out it feels like his entire world is falling out from under him because what if Ryan gets upset? What if Ryan gets mad? What if Ryan wants to leave? And for a minute Brendon even considers just not telling Ryan at all because holy shit this is the most terrifying thing he’s ever even thought about doing, scarier than coming out to his family or admitting his love to Ryan or singing on stage to a million people. But he figures that it isn’t exactly like he could hide being pregnant from Ryan forever as these things tend to lead towards the birth of babies, and it’s not like he could hide an actual baby from Ryan no matter how hard he tried, so when Ryan comes home Brendon sits him down and is like, shaking and his knuckles are white from how hard he’s clenching his fists because he’s just so fucking scared, which of course is scaring Ryan, but Ryan hides his nervousness the best he can because internally he’s telling himself whatever it is, they’ll face it together. They can do it together. So he pulls Brendon into his lap and rocks him slowly and asks him softly to please tell him what’s going on, and eventually, through short gasps and tears and stuttering, Brendon explains what’s going on and Ryan’s quiet for a really, really long while and Brendon thinks he may throw up, but when he finally risks looking at Ryan he sees his boyfriend crying and his stomach just drops because this has to be it, this is the end, but then Ryan’s smiling and laughing and kissing Brendon and is like “I’m going to be a dad!” and sure he’s scared but he thought Brendon was going to tell him he was like, dying or something, this is the exact opposite, this is life this is beautiful and exciting and Brendon starts crying too from pure relief and they just sit there, laughing and crying for a long while 
Mother moved her hand from my shoulder, in favor of stroking my white blond hair, “Your magic reacted badly to your emotional state, putting you and the baby in great danger. I fire called Kim, and with her help we manage to get your magic under control without much difficulty, but during the process you had went into labor.” She explained softly.
Summary: After Noir tricks Dionysus into getting himself pregnant, the poltergeist takes the expectant alien to a nice restaurant one day. While eating, he suddenly goes into labor and his eggs start coming quicker than Noir is letting him get out!
When he awoke in the recovery room following the operation, Dr. Olivier was there by his bedside with a warm and welcoming smile on her face.  Although he was disoriented from both the anesthesia and the cocktail of medications he’d been administered to alleviate his pain, he had to admit that she made for quite the sight.  He’d always had a thing for brunett
Akatora had bedded the younger nin a few times, and he did recognize the lustful movements, sounds and poses when he saw them. He looked the younger man up and down, and gave a low growl in the back of his throat as a confirmation on how he felt about it.
The fics where I have seen it used “well” do one of two things – either the mpreg is “off screen” and/or implied at the end of fic or the mpreg is used as a “get together” plot device similar to a bonding spell or a potions accident (basically the characters have one-off sex and have to deal with a surprise pregnancy). My only problem with the latter is that I think a potions accident makes for a more creative fic.