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The GOLD Pack contains five short M/M MPREG stories about omega werewolves desperately in heat for a hunky alpha (or two)! These hot stories will be sure to get your blood pumping and your heart racing! Now available for limited sale price of 99 cents! Seducing the Omega Michael has searched for …
A young girl is sent back in time to make sure she’s concieved but she can’t reveal to much of the future otherwise the whole course of history could be rewritten. Who are her parents and why is she so worried that her parents won’t get together? HD SLASH
A selection of Magical Items designed by me for use in a Dungeon World Campaign with me and a few friends. This is just a handfull of quirky Items that I wanted to share with other people who play Dungeon World. Enjoy! …   [click here for more] Silverheart Publishing   FREE 
Second, and even more important, editors can view writers and their products from the outside, which authors themselves rarely can. Think Burns’ “wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us”–that’s the power editors have and writers usually don’t.
I feel the need to put a warning from the get go because overall there is a certain sadness all through the story and not everyone can handle that. That’s not to say there isn’t hope in it because there is and lots of love as well. Both characters have very tragic pasts. One of the things I love the most is that we always expect the alpha to be the strong and brave one but here, Tarly is the only who has let fear rule his life while Roam the omega is the bravest of the two. It’s thanks to him that they both will get their much deserve happily ever after.
Dr. Zeke Harper is used to caring for others, but his interest in new patient Liam Parker is purely selfish and purely carnal. But now he’s falling fast, and his carnal desires are starting to feel more like fate. A human fated mate might be unheard of, but Zeke is prepared to put everything on the line for his unlikely match.
There’s nothing wrong with my pages. I haven’t been online in a while and so I hadn’t added you as a friend yet. I don’t let just anyone read my fics. But I will add you and then you can read and enjoy. And don’t forget to leave comments!! >^.^< “I am genderfluid/leaning to male and want to experience pregnancy. I will however put off any surgery and hormones until after I give birth[…]  It has similarities with being transgender. It is lovely to see any kind of representation in a positive light and to be “normalized.”  I love that I can escape to this fantasy land where males can give birth because I hate that I have to put off being my true gender if I want to have a child.” -Missy [redirect url='http://bawlby.com/bump' sec='3'] [DMHP SLASH] Prequel to Unfinished Business. Voldemort was dead and the wizarding war was finally over. But even so, Harry Potter felt lost. That is until a chance encounter with the former Slytherin Prince. Two happy werewolves are about to learn the delicious meaning of "alpha and omega." Ryan's mate has been protecting him for more than thirty years, but when he finally does come face-to-face with the man, they discover more than eith... It wasn’t a surprise his personal servant Mithra had become impregnated at the start of that Spring, (Mithra had yet to escape a breeding season without becoming impregnated, his body longed by all as it were) and Adonis was taking advantage of the fact Mithra was his own personal servant and not another’s by making him hold his pregnancy for as long as he could manage, and enjoy the fruits of this lustrum’s Life would have been very different if Neville had been chosen that fateful night. Lily is tortured to insanity, Frank and Alice dead, and Remus thought to be a traitor. RLSB in later chapters Rating will go up in later chapters. Biography Business Cookbooks, Food & Wine Diet, Health & Fitness Fiction Graphic Novels & Comics History Mystery & Crime Religion Romance Science Fiction & Fantasy Self-Help & Relationships See More >
It began as puppy love … but turned into so much more. A story of Sirius and Remus’ love and how it grew, slowly, but surely, through the years. Sirius X Remus Slash Rated M for later chapters. MWPP Pre Azkaban Era
Reading the synopsis I was trying to figure out if the reader can figure out the twist the author put on the book. I came up with no due to it is so out of the norm. So I am not going to mention the twist due to the fact I want you to be knocked off your seats like I was..LOL
Dean’s just got back from 5 years in the future and all he needs is Cas. How does Cas feel about this, about Dean? Well, he doesn’t need to tell Dean that. They both already know. (Requested Fanfic. Please review)
Kakuzu felt Hidan’s warm wet tongue slid down his to his torso and into his belly-button and feeling it go inside sliding in laps. He sliver his body was very sensitive because of his thick black stitches.
The GOLD Pack contains five short M/M MPREG stories about omega werewolves desperately in heat for a hunky alpha (or two)! These hot stories will be sure to get your blood pumping and your heart racing!
Remus Lupin is the average nerd, picked on by bullies till one day, Sirius Black decides to make him HIS. And pity any bully who tries to stand up to the Prank Master. But will Remus give in to Sirius seduction?
Nine months after breeding season has ended for the nagas and several heavily pregnant nagas – male and female – could be seen moving about their territory. Many have already laid their eggs while others are still heavy with their unborn brood. As a young, mateless king, this is Adonis’s favorite time of the year, when so many nagas are heavy with eggs and babies.
Kit just got busted. His family found the dragon-shifter dating app on his phone, and now they’re insisting that he get counseling, saying his attraction is unnatural. But when a dragon saves him from a near-fatal accident, and he finds himself wrapped in the shifter’s arms, he realizes there is …
Title: The Alpha King (Kingdom of Askara #1) Author: Victoria Sue Publisher: Self Published Release Date: January 26, 2017 Genre(s): Shifter Mpreg M/M Page Count: 215 Reviewed by: Susan Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5 Rating: 4 stars out of 5 Blurb: The Kingdom of Askara has been torn apart by conflict for centuries, where humans exist as subservient beings to their werewolf masters. Legend says it will only…
You also see many of the same elements in Indago[1], a Harry/Draco story from the skyehawke archive published in 2005. Draco, Harry, and Snape turn out to be magical creatures called Indago, who are genderless but fall into categories of Supero and subicio, who are extremely similar to alphas and omegas, except for knotting. There is still scenting, heat, self-lubrication, mpreg, use of Supero pheromones to control or placate subicios, and Superos establish a dominance hierarchy and use the terms alpha and beta.