“Mpreg Stories Anal Knotting”

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Unlike the obvious subversions of smut fic, fluffy domestic slash can question both queer resistance strategies — and the submission and absorption of queer into neoliberalism. Rather than leaving us in a productive critique of homonormativity it imagines something through and beyond homonormativity. As such, the homonormcore becomes not only a concern for identifying LGBTQs, but for everyone. So, as Duggan’s story of “we get marriage and the military then we go home and cook dinner, forever” becomes increasingly real, the celebratory fictions of the fangirl become increasingly mpreg with possibility — and may even tell us that some of the avant-garde’s biggest radicals were themselves practitioners of the homonormcore.
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“No, girls do that!…They also practice making out!” Ben looked at Kevin flabbergasted. “Eww, you’re really gross!” The older boy laughed. “What kind of 15 year old boy are you? When I was 15 all I did was jack off!” Ben automatically hit Kevin on the head, and hid his face in his knees.
Sirius Black is yet another spoilt rich kid at Saint Martin’s College. Remus Lupin is the school’s Annual Scholarship boy just looking to fit in. Sirius immediately takes a shine to him – but does he just want to sleep with common people? AU. Slash.
Malfoy spots Potter and Granger having a conversation about Slughorn’s Christmas party and pulls Harry away for a bit of a ‘conversation’. Pure smut. Tiny bit of fluff. No real plot. Written as a gift to a friend.
WARNING: YAOI – LEMON. Axel has a bit of a kink that has to do with secretly – or not so secretly – filming he and Roxas together. Slight AU, AkuRoku, naturally. I do not own KINGDOM HEARTS. For DaQiao17’s birthday!
Two mysterious vampires arrive, looking for Shido and Cain. One hates Shido for the hurt he has caused Cain, and one seems to want to get to know Shido better. Both of them hate Riho with a passion. But what is their true purpose? Rated PG13 for harsh lan
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Two happy werewolves are about to learn the delicious meaning of “alpha and omega.” Ryan’s mate has been protecting him for more than thirty years, but when he finally does come face-to-face with the man, they discover more than either of them expected. A…
What if Castiel had been watching over Dean Winchester for years? From the very beginning? Before they became hunters? Before Yellow-Eyes put his foot in their lives? What would it be like to have an angel watching over you?
This isn’t the first book written by this author that I’ve read but it’s going to be the last. While the writing is good, I have huge problems with character development and the society painted in this world. Things I’ve come away with:
Harry Potter – Rated: M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 30 – Words: 122,008 – Reviews: 563 – Favs: 524 – Follows: 282 – Updated: 2/19/2012 – Published: 4/29/2011 – Remus L., Sirius B. – Complete
This book is good I will say that first. The reason for the low rating is there are moments in the book it feels like the author is just reciting the genealogy over and over and over again. Though this is good to start this book out to give the readers an understanding of what house belongs with what person. It becomes repetitive when it is done more than once, it also seemed to slow down the story-line. Over all there is a lot of good parts to this story that will keep you reading it to the very end. I would recommend this story, just with a disclaimer with it stick with the story even through the slow parts you won’t be sorry.
Sirius’ parents need to deal of Sirius, settling on human trafficking. But where will Sirius end up? And what’s waiting for him there? A house in the woods, and someone- or something- he just can’t get out of his mind. Remus/Sirius Beauty and the Beast AU
I let him tease me about his cousin Gwen, there’s a reason I haven’t asked her out you know. She did tell me about Julie though, and it made me hate her. I saw the way he acted when she was around, or when anyone talked about her. When she asked me to give them a rid for there first date, I went strait to Ben’s house.
In fact, I passed the normal course and the advanced courses of it with flying colors. I agree with your objections, but I actually do read mpreg and purposely ignore the fact that it’s not possible. It sort like when I watch “historical” movies and they’re completely wrong or inaccurate. And I can understand how it would bother you so much you wouldn’t be able to stand reading it. But as a female, there’s some sadistic part of me that enjoys the thought of a man screaming in agony as he gives birth. One day, just for you, I will write a feasible mpreg. As soon as I can find a way to make it work, which will probably be never. Unless there were three genders of humans, or some sort of massive genetic mutation caused by WW III, or a highly unethical experiment. Damn it, I’ll do it! And then I’ll find you and ask you to read it. In summation of an overdrawn comment: I agree with you on principal but the idea of male pregnancy is somehow appealing to me anyway, and I will find a way to somehow make it look feasible.
The daughters look at their mothers as being different from them. Their mothers are perfect, put-together, and guiltless. It’s this misperception that keeps a wall between them. This wall can only come down if the external facades (the secrets) are exposed.
Cagingham (John Cage and Merce pioneers of homonormcore, are redecorating their downtown New York rent-controlled loft. John prepares lunch, boiling three white duck eggs for three minutes: One for him, one for Merce, and one for Jérôme, their sweet little boy. Merce, balancing without effort on a ladder in white overalls, announces he is pregnant again, and that the curtains they bought from Ikea are too short. After the eggs, Merce does the dishes, and then Cagingham take the subway to Ikea to exchange the curtains for a larger pair. On arrival, Yvonne, their friend the customer service representative with “the eyes of the Mona Lisa” warns them that “this is the new world order of curtains,” and that all curtains only come in one size. Cagingham decide to keep the curtains. They go home, re-hang them and get used to their friends from the other lofts watching them eat boiled eggs through the gap in the curtain.
As soon as Naruto understood that both men had accepted his invitation, he rose slowly and placed his fox mask back over his face, moving his body in tempting movements, and Akatora answered it by lowering his mask back in place as well. Kakashi had already put his book away in his pocket.
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Naruto held his breath, it was the big alpha male with the bear mask, and the quiet but deadly alpha male with the black panther mask, Hyou. They had actually joined the chase for him. The elite ninjas in the entire ANBU forces, and they were all looking at him like they were about to eat him alive. His breath came in short gasps and he started rubbing his ass against Akatora in a desperate need of friction. He whimpered at the mere though that he had just been caught by these four men, and it looked as if they were all going to join in for the night.