“Mpreg Romance Stories Saved An Omegaverse”

Harry Potter – Rated: M – English – Romance/Adventure – Chapters: 12 – Words: 39,299 – Reviews: 175 – Favs: 186 – Follows: 122 – Updated: 5/26/2007 – Published: 1/15/2007 – Harry P., Draco M. – Complete
U Know love dusnt follow conditions u might find a guy who fulfills that n yet may not love you.A guy who whisprs every half hour tht e loves u so and yet might not.When love is true he does of of this and still doesnt need to say i love you beccause you can see it ol so clearly in his eyes.hes a guy who dusnt go tell his pals “o v kissed2day for so n so long ” he dusnt need to tell you how he protects you amongst his pals but the way he olds you so strongly yet so gently tells u ol.
CainxShido; ShidoxCain Cain has a soft spot for Shido and takes care of him when Adrianne, Shido’s vampiric sibling, attempts to kill him. Shido must learn to trust Cain, but the elder vampire has other plans in mind.
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Hi Katie- I am SO sorry your dollar store doesn’t carry any of these items. I hate that different stores carry different things. A way of still doing this without the added expense would be to use a jar that you already have around the house. Maybe an old pickle jar, mayonnaise, jam, etc. Anything that you could clean out and I also know Walmart have the stickers for super cheap and a bonus is you can buy he candy there too :). I hope these suggestions help. Good luck!
Par’k isn’t having a good day. His personal shield failed, he lost communication with his ship, his pursuers shot him, and his faith in the human race has been seriously compromised, but if he doesn’t ask for help, he’ll probably die …
Zeb Brandon always knew his mate would be an omega. As a born alpha that kind of went without saying, but when he actually finds his mate in the middle of nowhere, desperate and in heat, he’s very grateful for the isolation and the privacy.
Thank you so much! Your ideas helped me a lot when preparing a Christmas gift for my husband. Got me to remember a number of really important big and small reasons I am blessed to have him by my side! Thanks again!
While his talent wasn’t strong enough to get an empath rating from the ESRB, he now has a second chance with the new testing system they’re using. If he makes it, he’ll have some well-paying job offers from people who actually appreciate his gifts.
When Harry changes schools, He catches the attention of a man who wishes to devour him. But when it comes to Harry, plans have a tendency to go awry. Slash, DMHP, OOC, AU, non-magic. COMPLETE epilogue added 13/12/12
Normally a story from Alice Cain would earn at least a four star for the interesting characters and the excellent writing. This time however I have to admit to being vastly disappointed in the editing of the work. There were so many instances of the wrong character name being used and throwing me out of the story that I honestly lost track of the number. This is not the kind of stuff I am paying good money to read. I seriously think that Ms. Cain should fire her present beta readers and editors …more
a new vampire appears. then captures the heart of zelman and yafuri . which will she chose .sayuka will hate her. but will she lose every one she loves if she picks yafuri? sorry bad at summaries but the story is better. first fanfiction
Title: The King’s Command (Bred for Love #2) Author: Revella Hawthorne Publisher: Self Published Release Date: August 15th 2015 Genre(s): M/M Mpreg Romance Page Count: 152 Pages Reviewed by: Belen Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5 Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 Blurb: Percy is pregnant. He is overjoyed, and Prince Edward, his master and owner, is just as happy. Both men are content, and are enjoying the simple…
This man was a tall man. Around 6’1. He had dark green almost emerald eyes, these orbs was surrounding a deep shade of red dangerously close to black. His skin color was a tan close to a carmal like color. He looked like he tanned a lot but it his natural skin tone. He always ware this gray hood and a dark shade blue mask this part was a part of his head gear to cover his face. When he was alone with lover he was forbid to his head gear. So when he with Hidan alone in the same room the head gear was off. When the hood and mask was off it revealed his long dark brown hair the came down to his tail bone. On his face toward his jaw line a row of stitches near his mouth stopping at the corner of mouth. Then going down he had a blue tang-top and pants but this cover the stitches on his body.
Kakuzu felt Hidan’s warm wet tongue slid down his to his torso and into his belly-button and feeling it go inside sliding in laps. He sliver his body was very sensitive because of his thick black stitches.
This was a pretty hot story, which sort of surprised me because it’s a very classic alpha and omega trope, which I find exhausting at the best of times. However, our alpha has just enough of that sweet innocence, to make him interesting, and our omega has a compelling set of scenes in the beginning of the story, where he’s sort of manipulated by the government, and he knows it, but goes along with it anyway. His awareness and assessment of the situation give him more of a backbone, and even I could relate to his actions. I would consider myself bull-headed, but if the right person of authority tells me to do something, even if I hate it, I end up doing it anyway.
alpha alpha male anymore attack baby began big breakfast breath cabin can’t child close didn’t want door Ethan asked Ethan felt Ethan knew Ethan nodded Ethan turned Ethan wanted Ethan whispered Ethan’s body Ethan’s hand everything eyes fated mate father feel front going gone grabbed growled hair happen hated Hawke asked Hawke knew Hawke looked Hawke nodded Hawke pulled Hawke’s hand he’d head healer hear heart hope hurt I’ve inside Jordan killed kiss knock leaned lips looked at Ethan Marlon mate’s mating ceremony meant Natasha needed never night numbers omega pack members pack’s territory parents pregnant protect puma pack ready roar Rygar scent shaft shifters shirt side sleep slid smell smile coming someone stomach strange sure swamp things thought throat took tree tree line trying Vash waiting wasn’t werewolf wolf form wolf pack wolfsbane wolves worry
Man and wolf. Sworn enemies in the battle for Askara. Can hate and betrayal ever lead to love? Can Caleb become the Alpha he was always meant to be and lead his pack, or will he finally realize that winning his freedom means nothing when he has already lost his heart?
A week after the Whomping Willow incident, Remus has lost everything. Pointing his wand to his wrist he mutters “Diffindo”. As he closes eyes waiting for death, Remus thinks back to what led him to this. S/R slash, attempted suicide. A series of flashbacks from both Remus’s and Sirius’s prospective starting with the Willow incident.
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I’m so honored to be rubbing shoulders with these amazing ladies! This year, SilverHart Publishing is putting out four books in their new romantic suspense line. I’m part of the lineup. Check out the other amazing authors and their books at the links below.
I’ve lived through this sort of treatment, being considered incapable of deciding how I want to live my life simply because I have a womb, and can’t read more stories that hold it up as an ideal romance. All it’s doing is making control of breeders (women) acceptable. It’s not, and never will be.
Title: Claiming Christian: Wolf Shifter MPreg Romace (Wolf’s Mate #2) Author: Kiki Burrelli Publisher: Self published Release Date: October 19, 2016 Genre(s): Gay Paranormal Romance / Mpreg Page Count: 210 pages Reviewed by: Tosh Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5 Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Blurb: Derrick is an arrogant alpha billionaire poised to take control of his pack. Christian is a good guy who is always finishing…
Though mpreg may vary, there’s a something called the omegaverse which explains the laws of who mpregs who. Basically, men can be alphas, betas, or omegas. Omegas can be impregnated by alphas and sometimes betas. Women are part of the omegaverse, and female alphas have penises. Also it’s kind more like dog sex or wolf sex with “knotting” and stuff.
The two immortals in their room for the rest of the night and having somewhat an argument. The taller one of the two was sitting on the bed and other was on the floor. The shorter of the two was started to begged for some thing.
Characters can be driven to right a wrong they aren’t even responsible for. In Winter’s Bone Ree Dolly is driven to find her father before the bail bondsman takes the family land and renders all of them homeless.
Coren never imagined himself to be a family man, but things can change. This is a short fic I wrote in tribute to him that gives the reader a small peek into his and Lythallendar’s life together after their children are born.