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She is the author of standalone novels SILVER HEART and the upcoming JADED DREAM, and also the UNTAMED series which she co-authored with the fabulous Jen Meyers. When she’s not writing hot and steamy romances, she writes Young Adult adventures under a different name.
An hour later both Sam and little Mary Joan Winchester were both asleep. Sam had bought a few articles of unisex, baby clothing. It turned out that little Mary was shy and didn’t show her sex through the ultrasound; the clothes were kinda big for her but that’s all they had at the moment. There was also a little, white bassinet by Sam’s bed where he had laid down their newborn daughter.
At loose ends now that his son has started college, Cody drops by the camping grounds, the scene of his biggest failure fourteen years ago, to reminisce about the man who helped him when he needed help the most. The gorgeous, sexy, compassionate Sher…
Austin Bates delivers a different kind of romance with Memories of You and I really enjoyed this book! Hunter is suffering from amnesia after a bad fall and he’s now trying to re-learn who he is. When he returns to his apartment, trying to regain some normalcy after his mother tries a little too hard, he is met with a good-looking neighbor, Luke who is so nice to him and someone else, Vincent who claims he was his boyfriend and wants a second chance.
The vamps have been asked to move away for a period of time. This place can be risky for them though. They need someone to help them. Now to see how well these vamps can deal with these High School Arkansans!
A week after the Whomping Willow incident, Remus has lost everything. Pointing his wand to his wrist he mutters “Diffindo”. As he closes eyes waiting for death, Remus thinks back to what led him to this. S/R slash, attempted suicide. A series of flashbacks from both Remus’s and Sirius’s prospective starting with the Willow incident.
            “Um….” Derek said, softly in case they were awake still. Scott and Isaac looked up at him and scrambled to put pants on. They both blushed and Derek raised an eyebrow. “Just use protection, Scott. Assuming you’re the top. By the way you two were cuddling. I’m awkward now and I don’t know why I’m still talking.”
A young girl is sent back in time to make sure she’s concieved but she can’t reveal to much of the future otherwise the whole course of history could be rewritten. Who are her parents and why is she so worried that her parents won’t get together? HD SLASH
As Remus’ life crumbles around him and everything changes for the worse, there are a few constants in his life – chronic illness, his best friend Lily, and his feelings for one man who ruined his life with lies – Sirius Black. NonMagic AU. RLSB. JPLE.
Parties and orgies… those are the only things Carlos Carmichael wants to do. It’s the only way he knows to deal with his life as the son of a notorious cartel boss. He’ll get whatever he wants by any means necessary.
Megan Vandemeer meant to tell her parents about her broken engagement, but a month and a half later she finds herself boarding a plane home to her wedding. Having stretched avoidance to its limits, it’s time to come clean–a terrifying prospect since her mother is sure to blame her rather than her cheating, emotionally frigid ex. A couple of drinks and two Dramamine later, Megan finds herself spilling her sob story to the tall, dark, and handsome stranger in the seat next to her.
The undercover Russian contract killer has never turned down an assignment that rids the world of scum… until his latest job targets an innocent man. Refusing is not an option, because of Everly Andrews, the sexy southern belle who saved him from dying. She’s completely unaware of his double life, but has been marked as next on the kill list should he fail. Only, what The Bratva doesn’t know—there’s nothing Roman won’t do to keep Everly safe. Drugged and deposited in a hotel in Prague, Roman must be on guard at all times in order to protect Everly, but the countdown has begun, and it won’t stop until his next target, or Everly, is terminated. Can Roman protect Everly until he can eliminate the threat to her life?
as the clock struck midnight Harry Potter came into his inheritance, with this new development came a life mate, but if Harry doesn’t find and bond with his mate by his 17th birthday…they’ll both die…DMxHP, RWxHG, OCTN AU.
Sorceress-healer Kaelyn is given powerful sex magics by her former mentor. To keep and harness these powers, she must go through several magical sex rites. In order to get the bewitching healer to cure his ailing sister, Yarron must do all that she asks of him, even if it means giving up his “honor-blood”.
-You what?- Rin looked into red, puffy eyes of his lover. After a long, hard day finding crying Haruka was the last thing he would expected. But there he was, lying on their bed, tangled up in blankets, crying.
Curvy Dorina Gabor has never imagined her life would change in one ordinary afternoon when her friend asks her to help him. She’s always been quirky and irreverent, with an unusual ability to sense people’s true nature and intentions. But when her friend’s brother Jax is looking at her like he knows she belongs to him, she can’t deny that she’s pulled into this man’s mystery, even though her instincts tell her he’s no average man…
The story did not deliver quite as much as I would have preferred, as some of the “world/setting” reveal was rather bland, and the overarching background plot (a Triad+Omega sent by an exiled/almost powerless goddess) was too huge to be easily acceptable. This mega-story certainly is intriguing, but it came across as a bit too blasé for me. (I guess I expect a long, detailed and provocative exploration for such an epic storyline.) Still, this level of drama separates this work from others that are a bit more “mundane” in their treatment of Werewolf-human interaction.
As a way to keep their brains sharp, Sam suggests that he and Dean start doing escape rooms weekly. The owner of the local business is nothing they were expecting, and everything they look forward to. Dean is entranced by the way Castiel shapes and molds himself into each new theatrical role, and it doesn’t take long for his mind to start to wander, wondering about how well Castiel knows his way around a pair of handcuffs in the bedroom.
easy, you simply Klick A Series of Letters In Defence of Divine Revelation book download link on this page and you will be directed to the free registration form. after the free registration you will be able to downloadthe book in 4 format. PDF Formatted 8.5 x all pages,EPub Reformatted especially for book readers, Mobi For Kindle which was converted from the EPub file, Word, The original source document. Format it however you want!
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Kieran had no idea the man he’d been dreaming about was a real person…Yet he never would have guessed that actually meeting Ash would be just the beginning of their problems. Kieran is shocked to discover the people closest to him aren’t as accepting as he expected, and as family secrets are slowly revealed and once solid beliefs begin to unravel, can he really trust that bringing his mate home will keep the man safe?Ash can’t just up and leave his pack and move to Lupinville. He has responsibilities and people who rely on him. He needs time to organize his life. And he really wants a chance to think clearly without the mating heat fogging his mind.But as Kieran and Ash both work to prepare their lives and the people around them for a big change, it’s the discovery that their mating has an unexpected “side effect” that throws everything into chaos. With Ash suddenly in life-threatening danger, can Kieran find a way to make sure his mate is safe?
Title: Ghost Wolf Author: Hurri Cosmo Publisher: Painted Hearts Publishing Release Date: February 18, 2018 Genre(s): Paranormal Romance, Mpreg Page Count: 390 Reviewed by: Tosha Heat Level: 4.8 flames out of 5 Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Blurb: Hi, my name is Trevor. I’m a wolf shifter. I say that like I know what I’m talking about. I don’t. I was simply running off a ton of steam one…
I can be the most abnormal person when I’m with you. I can show who I really am without the fear of you loving me less. You’ve accepted my mistakes, my personality flaws and many more. I know I can’t give you everything, I can’t bring you grand gifts, I don’t have my own car, I can’ fetch you when it’s raining and many more things that I can’t do for you, but you accepted everything and loved me despite my imperfections.
[DMHP SLASH] It took three years after the defeat of Voldemort for Harry Potter to finally get the family he so desperately wanted. But before he could fully attain it, fate rip it from his grasp. Now three years later, will Harry finally get what he’s always dreamed of having? Please Read and Review!
Mostly French People love this kind story. They’ll love that (mpreg) but most People are young and they can’t read or understand properly English ! But don’t worry, I say that isn’t my fiction but yours and make a link to see your fiction ! If you don’t want It’s okay.