“Knotting Paranormal Mpreg Romance Contains Important”

This. I don’t have an issue with the concept of mpreg, but every one I’ve seen turns the character into a ice-cream craving bipolar nut job, and usually ends with said character becoming essentially barefoot and pregnant…. Can’t have a job, gotta stay home and take care of the babies and look we’ve got another on the way! Um, no. So I think my issue is that it’s usually written in a way that would be highly sexist if the character was a female… Admittedly, I haven’t read many mpregs, so I may have just had a bad sampling.
It’s kind of amazing to me the kinds of tags contained within the fluff tag itself.  Rape, major character death, PTSD, dead freaking dove, LOL!  I got sidetracked opening a few just to see HOW.  😛  I tried to keep these light.  They’re all long, there’s some parents/pregnant!stiles fics, and hopefully a few good distractions for you, 3rd anon <3  -Emmy Gosh it been two weeks since I had updated and I bet I had most on edge because of it. :/ One of my main goals for this story is to make it as realistic as possible. This chapter has two parts two it, because it is so long. In Super Bowl XLIX, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll made one of the most controversial calls in football history: With 26 seconds remaining, and trailing by four at the Patriots' one-yard line, he called for a pass instead of a handing off to his star running back. The pass was intercepted, and the Seahawks lost. Critics called it the dumbest play in history. But was the call really that bad? Or did Carroll actually make a great move that was ruined by bad luck? Even the best decision doesn't yield the best outcome every time. These men have some serious issues facing them if they are to make a life together. Understanding, compromise, and a great deal of love for each other will need to be found. Will Rocco be able to make the sacrifices needed for his mate? Kade has no understanding of pack politics and is a city wolf through and through. Will he be able to make sacrifices for Rocco his alpha? Love has a way of guiding true lovers/mates to make the right decisions so that each can have his happy for everafter. I hope to see many more stories coming from this series. I'm sure that many of you would enjoy it too so get your copy and see what I'm talking about. Kuroshitsuji PregnantCiel took another sip of the tea washing the taste of vomit out his mouth; Sebastian was starting to get the talent at making tea's that removed the taste of vomit easily, which as much Ciel hated to admit it meant that he was starting to be sick a bit too often for it just being that he ate something bad. Alpha/Omega couples are the most biologically compatible and fertile couples. Betas are either infertile or less highly sexed. Usually, there is an element of soul bonding included in an Alpha/Omega coupling that Betas are incapable of achieving, and the bond is usually accomplished by a bite over a gland in the neck (because werewolves, remember?) Summary: Eight months pregnant with twins, Aldin has just gotten through another bad date when the doorbell rings, and none other than the man that had left him alone and pregnant is on the other side of the door. This is book two of the 'Hope' series. This one's gonna have Mreg in it. This is going to be about how Sasuke deals with two different eyes and how they find the boy who beat Sasuke. With an unexpected suprised given to them in the middle of battle. How will it go down? Misconceptions[8] by Diana Williams -- early, long (60 parts) Highlander AU with Methos becoming pregnant. As Immortals are normally incapable of bearing children, a lot of stories in the fandom tried to figure out ways to give the Immortals children. Sometimes a threesome was required, sometimes the Immortal had to be over several thousand years old, and sometimes...well, things happened. (Started sometime in 2001.) I continued to get contraction after contraction, each one a bit stronger than the other for a good half hour as we waited for my body to dilate one more centimeter. By then the thin material of my night shirt was drenched in sweat, and I was at my wits end on holding back the urge to simply push to ease the pain a bit. This is adorable! I don’t usually like YouTube AUs but this is super lovely! Just Clyde loving sharing all of Stensland’s pregnancy moments and feeling a little sorry when Stensland makes videos when he’s had a bad day. It only makes him more awkward when he meets Stensland for real, because he feels like he’s been on this journey too. And Stensland LOVES how polite and kind Clyde is from their first meeting, not how some of his fans are! What do you do, when it’s been 4 yrs since your love has passed? You have a son to raise yet you are so very alone and lonely? And you are an Omega? Go on a dating site and hope that someone decent responds to your post. That’s what Roam did. He never expected to find someone he clicked with. Jerry’s world descends into chaos; he’s rejected and beaten up by his, so called, fiancée for not being submissive enough and for being pregnant. He also has to tell Rex the truth, not just about the baby but about demons and his royal status as well. Initially not wanting to settle down, James meets Stewart; devastatingly good-looking, charming and aloof, Stewart is everything James never knew he wanted—except that he seems to have something against James and everything he stands for. Hux doesn’t let him finish. He’s climbing out of bed then, almost falling to the floor because of how little strength he has but he’s determined to see their baby. The medics bring in a wheelchair for him, and Kylo lifts him into it before taking him to the room where their daughter is resting. Jared rolled his eyes and pulled him in for a gently hug. “I just want to take good care of you and pumpkin in there.” Jared rubbed soothing circles into the tight muscles in his lower back, murmuring nonsense assurances into his ear. J wrote: "If you like Sci-Fi/Mpreg/loving m/m romance btw humans and aliens: I am currently reading a series being published on the Gay authors website called "The Degan Incident". There are five chapters ..." ​ SO soooooo sorry it took me so long to get to your ask, dearie! It’s just that I was right in the middle of reading some fantastic Mpreg and I wanted to make sure that I included it on this ask! Which by the way is one of the most exciting asks I’ve gotten, gah I love Drarry Mpreg! So thank you for your patience and here we goooooo…. Six Degrees of Separation by testosterone_tea - Sherlock highkey wants to meet John but treats it all like a ridiculous experiment to stay cool, I could kill him, he’s so ridiculous. (testosterone_tea is awesome, their fics need more love) I lean towards slight dislike when it comes to mpreg, tbh, though I can read and enjoy it if the fic is very well-written and the mpreg itself is well-executed. One of my main issues with it is that the pregnant character tends to be nauseatingly OOC. Like, yes, I get that hormones are a thing and whatever, but come the frick on. Pregnant women don't undergo complete personality changes when they're pregnant, so why would men? Biology has gone actually insane. The Alpha/Beta/Omega system works in a similar way to dog packs (it’s said this trope grew out of werewolf!AUs). Alphas (especially Alpha males) have enormous cocks capable of knotting; Omegas (including male omegas) have a heat cycle that is based on their ability to conceive. Omegas’, er, orifices are self-lubricating, especially while they’re in heat. Pheremones fly around like mad, and there is a lot of scenting, marking and gallons and gallons of bodily fluids. What about Kylux where Ben is back to the Light Side working alonside the Resistance and Hux gets captured. He hasn't told anyone about their past relationship and he ends up being sent in to interrogate him. He told himself that his love for Hux died with Kylo Ren but the moment his eyes lands on a very bruised Hux he wants to free him and hold him and touch him and kiss him and protect him. He's instantly remembered of how it felt like to stand at the General's side, how it felt to hold him at WARNING: This short story contains MPreg, Mild Language, and Suggestive Themes. If you do not like any of these things, then do not read this. If you choose to read this and decide to leave negative comments about Mpreg, Sex, etc. just remember that you have been warned. When that baby is finally born, they would be the most protected baby in the galaxy.  Two badass paladin dads and a ton of space-assassin uncles and aunts.  Kolivan would cry the first time he sees the baby.  Krolia would give them a teeny tiny little blade that looks like their dad’s (Keith is amused she included a mini belt with fanny packs to hold packages of cheerios.  Shiro is less amused, given the pointiness of the knife).  Thace would rig up said knife to be used as a purple night-light.  Antok lets the baby play with his tail.  And Keith and Shiro love their baby very much, of course, but when they need a break, it’s easy to find a babysitting volunteer (or few).  Nap time sometimes turns into the baby surrounded by dozing Blades in a giant blanket nest while Keith is passed out on Shiro’s chest on the couch nearby (that is, of course, when the baby isn’t curled up in daddy keith’s arms or snoozing on top of him.  Shiro photo-documents the evidence before joining them) At the infirmary, both Sniper and Heavy helped Spy onto the operating table. Spy then proceeded to get on all fours again, rocking himself back and fourth. He then lowered his head and shoulders to the table and started moaning like an injured animal. It was then Medic showed up in his full medical attire. Jess wrote: "I have a question. Would Anitra Lynn Mcleod's series Twin Pine Grizzlies fit in this category? I mean they are men who fall pregnant however they do so in bear form and they give birth in that form..." Posted in Alternate Universe/Alternate World, Erotica, Featured Post, Gay Romance, Guest Blog, Rafflecopter Giveaway, Recent Release (<6 mo), Rune Tree Press, Science Fiction, Third | Tagged BDSM, MM Romance, mpreg, Science-Fiction | 1 Comment ↓ I Put a Spell on You (Because You're Mine) a Supernatural story by estrella30. She describes it as "schmoopy mpreg-wingfic-incest fic", or in other words, a deliberate attempt to write crackfic and still make people like it. (2006) This is a non-shifter ABO story, and it starts off with Braun being sent to an omega halfway house after his father passes away, as he’s not deemed capable of taking care of himself, let alone have control over his own life. Perhaps fortuitously, Braun witnesses a terrible abuse on one of his fe …more The blonde then leaned his head backwards and to his side, offering up his neck and his submission to the two men, hoping that they would accept it and the game he was about to offer them. By now Kakashi had most likely picked up on his aroused scent mixed with his pheromones, the smell of his arousal was all it needed to invite the man at times, so if this blatant invitation didn't work, then most likely nothing would. Levi lifted his head to meet Eren's gaze, and he could feel his stomach tighten at the look he was giving him. He wanted to say something to comfort him, but he couldn't guarantee that he would return from the expedition in one piece, or that the baby would wait for his return. His silence wasn't helping either, causing Eren to shift his weight from one foot to the other nervously as he waited for Levi to answer. "Push now!" Joel urged the man to push as the egg slid out halfway before slipping back in when the man stopped pushing. He spread the man's legs to it's furthest extent and looked at the egg while the man struggled to push it out. 3. Post Tenebrus Lux by Cjblack: It had been five years since the light had fallen under the Dark Lord’s reign. The Wizarding World assumed Harry Potter had been murdered by Voldemort days after his capture; few knew the truth. And sometimes the truth can be much, much worse. *** Mpreg. Angst-a-plenty which is right up my alley. And so heart-wrenchingly romantic. This is one of the best stories that I’ve read in a long time. If a story is able to make me feel something, then it’s good. I was feeling all over the place.  If you do go against my warning and do read it, I would prefer if you not leave rude comments for no reason. Constructive criticism is acceptable and appreciated. So, please consider the feelings and opinions of others before rudely voicing yours. [redirect url='http://acaray.com/bump' sec='7']