“Fiction Am Interested In Straight Mpreg Story”

Excitement bubbled in his chest, determination once again lining his features, “If you need a hug then I’ll hug you! I googled so I’m confident in my abilities to help you through your pre-heat symptoms!”
He waddled back into the bedroom, just as Nathaniel was putting the new sheets on the bed so Jarris would be able to lay down. Nathaniel remained at his side the whole time, allowing to squeeze his hand as he experienced a contraction every five minutes, and after about half an hour of labour, Jarris screamed out in agony, saying that he had to push. This made Nathaniel leap into action, grabbing towels, and some scissors to cut the umbilical cord with. Jarris opened his legs as wide as he could, holding them up and out of the way so Nathaniel could see what was going on.
“Look, I know I said it’s a small egg, but you still have to push hard. It’s not going to just slide out, you know.” he said irritably, pushing the man’s legs further apart until he could see more fluid – mixed with blood – drip out of his hole.
Ed Adami had been a friend of Baudin the now dishonorably discharged Seal. It seems they shared some very archaic / old fashioned, ultra conservative ideas of an Omegas place in the world – primarily at home raising the children. Unfortunately the one man he wanted did not want children – how were they going to revolve that monumental problem? At first it was easier to ignore it as they finally consummated their relationship.
Luca is the perfect alpha with just the right amount of flawed judgment to make him real and with loads of love and compassion to counteract it. Luca and his unerring desire to do what’s right is one of the drivers behind this book. Kit, what can I say about Kit? He’s strong yet fragile and perfectly adorable! His capacity to suffer for the welfare of others left me breathless at times. The supporting characters are also well developed, and I’d like to hear more from Luca’s sisters and his friend Sam.
The characters struggle with the same doubts and fears we all have and we read how it’s resolved. The build up is slow,tarek and Braun are written as people you could know in real life (except for the mpreg part of course).
Airen has always known he would marry the victor of the war; he had hoped it would be his lover but now he finds himself riding into Arnheim as the spoils of war of the monster king, expected to bear his children…and bid his time.
Why I read this book: This week is Out Of Your Comfort Zone, and I had just snagged this one when it was free. I wasn’t sure what I would read for this week and one of our reviewers pointed out it was mpreg which isn’t really my cup of tea. I also saw the note that is had warnings for physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, all of which are hot buttons for me.
After Cantril left, Alvarr at least hat the satisfaction of seeing some understanding in the young stallion’s eyes.  But Cantril would still shun him in public, just as the rest of the tribe did.  Tribe-think makes one stupid.
I really enjoyed Ryan and Dylan’s story. I loved that their friendship was the foundation of their eventual mating. My heart broke a little seeing how much Ryan cared for his pack and yet had resigned himself to being alone.
I don’t have a problem with the concept, I actually think it could make for a really interesting story, but the vast majority of mpreg fanfic have vastly OoC male characters, are sickeningly sweet and often not so subtly push an anti-choice message, which I hate.
He sat alone with his thoughts for about five minutes, before the baby decided to start kicking at his bladder, yet again. He grunted as he tried to get to his feet, unsuccessful at first, but he kept trying, grunting as he struggled, because he did not wish to wake Nathaniel whom was in the other room. When he was finally able to get out of the chair, he cursed under his breath as he pissed all over his pants and on the floor he was standing on.
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Great read the writer knows how to write and keep a reader held in suspense. The characters are both likeable and unlikeable in many cases but all characters are full of surprises you never see coming and you should be surprised and ready for a great little book.
At least two dozen eggs were littering the floor, all his. “Ahh…” He winced, the last contraction to let him know to push out the afterbirth. Closing his gray eyes again, he grunted and pushed, until the afterbirth flopped out with a wet slurp sound. Waddling awkwardly away, he moved to lean his back against the cool wall and slid down, hissing at the soreness of sitting.
As Mark and Zeke’s forbidden romance buds, an old and dangerous enemy rears his head once more, threatening to destroy everything they’ve come to hold dear. When flight no longer remains an option, Mark and Zeke must fight back or lose each other forever. Can they overcome a force that would see them dragged into eternal dismay, or will they have to face a harsh truth and realize that sometimes romances should remain forbidden?
Jamie and Jess walked to the bathroom. Jamie sat on the toilet. When a contraction came Jamie bore down. He did that for 15 seconds. He put his hand to see if he could feel the baby’s head but a contraction came.
She’d gotten dressed and waddled down to the kitchen to begin her baking. At least now, she knew she could have breakfast ready before the children woke up. She knew she was in for a long labour because of her body’s physical shape so she didn’t want to waste any time. Clive ran in before she was done, “Oh, did I wake you?” Alexis asked her eldest son, of almost 11. He nodded and sat down groggily.  “Well, breakfast will be ready soon. Why don’t you go wake up your brothers and sisters?” He groaned and got back up again slumping back down the hall to go get them. It was about 20 minutes late before all 7 of her children that were able to walk had sat down at the table. “I didn’t want to wake up Tommy.” Clive told
This is when the Omega are the more fertile,as stated above. Some writers also use an Omega’s first heat to determine if the character is an Omega or not. (In some fics people find out if they’re A/B/O as children, or during puberty, or at other times. It all depends on the author’s choice.) During an Omega’s Heat they will usually have a separate room where they put their nest. They stay in these heat rooms for for however long their heat is. Male Omegas can self lubricate during this time and the smell will trigger an Alpha’s rut. If the Omega has a mate, their mate will take care of them during this time, including making sure they eat and drink enough while also satisfying them when their body demands release. Sometimes, in fics writers include heat pills that can prevent a Heat happening for however long the pills are taken, and it will return once the drugs are out of the their system. Heats are basically a time for writers to write a lot of unrestrained sexual content (lol). 
Let’s say Sasuke gets Naruto pregnant(I’m a major SasuNaru shipper btw) and nine months later Naruto pops out a baby girl (Because I’m a fan of Overprotective!Sasuke). Most writers make the little girl have Sasuke’s blueish black hair and Naruto’s sparkling blue eyes. Wrong! The SasuNaru spawn can’t have blue eyes because Sasuke’s black eyes are more dominant.
Exiled by his pack as a teen, Omega wolf Simon Moorehead learns to bury his gentle nature in the interest of survival. When a hulking, rough-faced Alpha catches Simon on pack territory, he tries to escape what he’s sure will be imminent death. But instead of killing him, the Alpha takes Simon home. A man of action, Mitch Grant uproots his life to support his brother in leading the Blue Mountain pack. Mitch lives on the periphery, quietly protecting everyone, but always alone.
”WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!!!! I will fucking kill you for this you mark my words Grell!!!!!!!” Sebastian screams out before grabbing his white gloves off the table and smacking Grell across the cheek with Grell ignores it and gently rubs Sebastian’s stomach,Soothing it only a little as Sebastian begins bearing down again. He grunts as the babies head finally crowns with a gush of fluid and blood into his undergarments and trousers.
I leaned down and kissed his nose that was so similar to my own, and smiled when he giggled at the action and his small arms reached up to touch my own noise. I could hear and distinct, “Awe!” in the background, but put it out my mind.
What surprised me the most was how few pregnant women or women who have children actually read the genre.  I thought the number would be much higher.  Over 91% of our respondents have never been pregnant.  Of the small number who have been (or the one respondent who is pregnant with her first child… congratulations by the way!), the reasons for finding the genre isn’t all that surprising.  It’s relatable.
Writing from both the cutting edge of scientific discovery and the front-lines of elite athletic performance, National Magazine Award-winning science journalist Alex Hutchinson presents a revolutionary account of the dynamic and controversial new science of endurance.
Dean had his entire delivery planned out to the minute, there wasn’t a detail he had overlooked. What he didn’t plan for was going into labor a month early while John was away on a hunt, and being trapped by a blizzard with only his brother to help deliver his child.