“Paranormal Mpreg Steamy Alphaomega”

“Won’t bring who back?” once again Liam was very confused. He remembered Louis words ‘You left, and then I…I…Zayn just…and now the baby…’ “Something happened to the baby?” he asked more to himself than anything.
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“I doubt that,” Ollie quips, eyes dropping as low as they can with the table in the way. Cas squints, sending the waiter into a brief coughing fit. “Acgh—agh, I’m… sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”
Crossover – Harry Potter & Twilight – Rated: T – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 13 – Words: 81,545 – Reviews: 1013 – Favs: 1,759 – Follows: 2,474 – Updated: 1/14/2011 – Published: 11/2/2008 – Harry P., Edward
Eight years ago, Eli gave up his future as a veterinarian because of a blue line on a pregnancy test. Now a single dad to the best little boy in the world, he’s working at an animal shelter and trying his hardest to ignore the small town gossip that follows him and his son around. Contrary to popular belief, he does know who the other father is – the irresistible alpha from his youth. But Matt’s upper class family doesn’t think an omega is good enough for their son.
Title: Huh? (Seriously? #3) Author: Alice Cain Publisher: All Romance eBooks Release Date: June 27th 2015 Genre(s): M/M Paranormal Romance Word Count: 6,700 Reviewed by: Belen Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5 Rating: 3.6 stars out of 5 Blurb: I’m the quiet one. U-huh, I know what you’re thinking. Purple hair does not equate to “quiet,” but in my case it really is true. Without the wildly colored hair…
In most packs, an Omega, even one who couldn’t breed, was treasured and would be revered and protected; not cast aside, but our pack was not like most packs, and I was not like most Omegas. I was human, so I understood why I was being sent to the auction. I didn’t like it, but I understood it. Even if there had been affection for me, even if they had been willing to keep me as a pet (neither of these was the case, but an Omega could dream), Cal couldn’t afford not to sell me.
One-Shot, it’s long too! Shido is forced back with Cain and he fights him every step of the way, but can he really fight against his heart or will he give in to what he has always wanted from the beginning?
Hawke is a wolf gone near-savage, a man haunted by demons of his own. After fleeing his abusive alpha and kill-or-be-killed wolf pack, Hawke joins with the pumas and swears revenge on all wolves. The pumas have been driven into the swamps by dominant wolves, so Hawke teaches them to fight back and soon becomes their leader. But his plans for revenge are thrown into disarray when he catches scent of his mate. Only his mate is the alpha of the wolf pack Hawke is fighting. Enemy or mate, their passion will not be denied. Hawke struggles to keep his secrets, but a storm gathers on the horizon when his mate ends up carrying Hawke’s baby. Now he must defend his mate—and his unborn child—against the panthers in a war he started, while any chance at peace seems to be slipping away…
Sirius Black always was the impulsive, straightforward, determined and utterly unembarrassed type. One day he gets it into his head to proudly announce to the world that he is in fact shagging the most delicious werewolf ever. You have been warned.
Caden lives in a separate world with rules that go back centuries. An omega werewolf, he has few choices but to live under the command of an alpha lord or face human brutality in the outside world. A rebel by heart, he wants nothing more than to be free.
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Jump up ^ Wilson, A. B.; Orr, J.W. (2011). “The evolutionary origins of Syngnathidae: pipefishes and seahorses”. Journal of Fish Biology. 78 (6): 1603–1623. doi:10.1111/j.1095-8649.2011.02988.x. PMID 21651519.
Kent is a rate human he is of human that is meant to be lovers for only the immortals, vampires in particular. So though Kent knows nothing about this the instant he sees Adrian no one else matters. He can not seem to even care about any other men who might show him any interest. Kent doesn’t know what to do when he finds out that Adrian is actually a vampire but he knows that he can’t be without this man. Can he get over his fears to be with the one man he was destined for.
When the two run into each other yet again at a club, their mutual attraction sparks. Neither man is interested in anything serious, but they both enjoy each other’s company. They decide a friends with benefits type of relationship is just about perfect. Everything is hot, and fun and drama free.
After a hot night, though, Bennett wakes up alone. Tex starts sending him mixed messages—one minute he wants him, the next he’s cold-shouldering him. Bennett isn’t interested in playing games, not even with the man he’s been lusting after. One night stands are fine, but he’s not getting involved with someone who might disappear at the drop of a hat.
Adrian is a vampire who doesn’t believe in the practice of having humans as slaves to feed from. He along with several others are fighting to abolish the practice. He learns of a special group of humans called the Ferax who can go into heat, and bear vampire children. Their blood is so intoxicating to vampires, and vampires are intoxicating to them. The relation between a Ferax and a vampire can be an equal loving relationship, however no one has seen one in a long time, because vampires had abu …more
When Evander arrives, Zade finds himself forgetting all about field biology. He’s more concerned with the alpha shifter’s brilliance and curiosity – not to mention his broad chest and powerful muscles.
That comment right there just made my life. As for a feasible mpreg, I very much look forward to it, and I’ll definitely read it. I find somewhat feasible mpreg bothers me a lot less than blatantly impossible ones. There’s this one manga that kind of has an interesting way it works called Love Pistols (or Sex Pistols) that you can find on mangafox, I’d encourage you to take a look at it if you’re interested.
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I liked this book a lot. The beginning was a bit loaded as the vampire hierarchy was explained but once Adrian met Kent, things heated up quickly. I would have loved for more time to have been spent on them getting to know each other though. Their whole relationship moved very quickly and focused too much on outside forces. They had barely any time to enjoy each other. I also would have liked to see Kent discovering his heritage as a Ferax and more about his grandmother. But I know this is a novella and it is a good one. It knocked me for a loop when they arrived at the clinic and Adrian realized why all the other houses were there. That was a twist I was not expecting!
Plot is the push that drives the change. Without the plot problem, the protagonist is never forced to face weakness and can comfortably remain unchanged. Plot forces the protagonist to face the worst self in order to eventually unveil the best self.
*Novel – Modern AU* Sirius Black has never truly cared about anything in his life. His top priority was having fun. When he meets Remus Lupin, he may discover there are some things worth caring about. *Remus/Sirius and James/Lily* Cᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇ.
“What do you mean? What happened to the baby?” Liam said, trying to get something out of Louis. Louis only looked at him, then at the others helplessly, before untangling himself from Liam and joining Harry and Niall.
Single and popular, James is obsessed with the high life and does not want to settle down. That is, until he meets Stewart. Devastatingly good-looking, charming and aloof, Stewart is everything James never knew he wanted; except that he seems to have something against James and everything he stands for.
There’s nothing wrong with my pages. I haven’t been online in a while and so I hadn’t added you as a friend yet. I don’t let just anyone read my fics. But I will add you and then you can read and enjoy. And don’t forget to leave comments!! >^.^< “I am genderfluid/leaning to male and want to experience pregnancy. I will however put off any surgery and hormones until after I give birth[…]  It has similarities with being transgender. It is lovely to see any kind of representation in a positive light and to be “normalized.”  I love that I can escape to this fantasy land where males can give birth because I hate that I have to put off being my true gender if I want to have a child.” -Missy [redirect url='http://bawlby.com/bump' sec='3'] This book is good I will say that first. The reason for the low rating is there are moments in the book it feels like the author is just reciting the genealogy over and over and over again. Though this is good to start this book out to give the readers an understanding of what house belongs with what person. It becomes repetitive when it is done more than once, it also seemed to slow down the story-line. Over all there is a lot of good parts to this story that will keep you reading it to the very end. I would recommend this story, just with a disclaimer with it stick with the story even through the slow parts you won't be sorry. Reece just wanted to spend one uninterrupted picnic with his husband, Nathan. A huge blue-green man falling from the sky and crushing their car was not on the menu, but getting shot in the back when he tries to help is the last thing Reece expected.... Lire la suite [redirect url='http://acaray.com/bump' sec='7']