“Paranormal Mpreg Roma Saved An Omegaverse”

Rated: T – Spanish – Romance/Mystery – Chapters: 12 – Words: 15,713 – Reviews: 12 – Favs: 6 – Follows: 5 – Updated: 8/17/2017 – Published: 12/20/2013 – Cassandra Jill W., Jiro M., Mimiko K., Zelman C.
I let him tease me about his cousin Gwen, there’s a reason I haven’t asked her out you know. She did tell me about Julie though, and it made me hate her. I saw the way he acted when she was around, or when anyone talked about her. When she asked me to give them a rid for there first date, I went strait to Ben’s house.
Reece just wanted to spend one uninterrupted picnic with his husband, Nathan. A huge blue man falling from the sky and crushing their car was not on the menu, but getting shot in the back by military personnel when he tries to help is the last thing …
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The vamps have been asked to move away for a period of time. This place can be risky for them though. They need someone to help them. Now to see how well these vamps can deal with these High School Arkansans!
Harry Potter – Rated: K+ – English – Romance/Adventure – Chapters: 45 – Words: 55,386 – Reviews: 534 – Favs: 121 – Follows: 82 – Updated: 11/1/2011 – Published: 3/13/2011 – [Remus L., Sirius B.] Marauders – Complete
Jamie sat on the couch while Jess sat behind him doing nipple stimulation. He got up and leaned on Jess, he was partially squatting until he wanted to go into a full on squatting position. Jamie pushed for a few minutes until he wanted to get back in the pool. 
Immediate contact with public safety subject matter experts. You can ask experienced professionals any questions you want,and find out exactly how they feel in high risk situations and take your readers to the heart of the action.
**Not a Standalone Contemporary Romance. This is a four-part mini-series with cliffhangers!** Perfect for fans of Melody Anne and J.S. Scott.Over one million readers have fallen in love with Ava’s bestselling Dare Valley and Dare River series…come join the family. USA Today Bestselling Author Ava Miles of the #1 National Bestseller NORA ROBERTS LAND presents a special fun, sweet, and sexy four-part mini-series partially set in Dare Valley and the City of Love herself: Paris.Self-made billionaire inventor and infamous bad boy Evan Michaels has lost the biggest gamble of his life in a poker game. For one month, he must live and work like a “normal” person in the small town of Dare Valley and give up his playboy ways. When Evan meets Margie Lancaster, his landlord and new boss, he’s not so…
CainxShido; ShidoxCain Cain has a soft spot for Shido and takes care of him when Adrianne, Shido’s vampiric sibling, attempts to kill him. Shido must learn to trust Cain, but the elder vampire has other plans in mind.
Two master assassins, one crimson-eyed Old Blood. Their mission: take him down with whatever means necessary. Piece of cake, right? Wrong. There is only one thing certain with this assignment: when it is over, nothing will the same.
When Noah steps in to protect an elderly woman from being attacked by her violent grandson, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. Being stabbed by something sharp and mauled by a wolf hadn’t been part of the plan, but waking up t…
Hi Karla- I am SO sorry I missed your comment earlier than now (don’t know how i did since I have replied to a lot of comments that came after yours. I am so grounded!). Like I told someone later that asked something similar, why not get snack sized baggies and fill them up with his favorite snacks: tails mix, dried fruit, nuts, etc. and then put the reasons you love him on the baggies. Also, I did a healthy fruit basket for my hubby that had cute sayings attached to each fruit. You can find it here…http://www.thedatingdivas.com/cami/basket-of-healthy-love/ Hope this helps!
Centuries ago, human colonists settled on Drouk—and when a plague wiped out all the women, their scientists created the genetically modified Alphas and Omegas to breed more humans. Now, though, there are many fewer Omegas than are needed to keep the Droukan warrior race strong. So when Earth rediscovers its lost colony, it seems like divine intervention.
After much thought, Draco comes to the conclusion that he wants Harry Potter. And what Draco Malfoy wants, Draco Malfoy gets. Now all he needs is a plan. But there’s just one problem, his innocent little Gryffindor isn’t as clueless as he thinks. And funnily enough, it seems Draco isn’t the only Slytherin interested in inter house unity. Solution? Seduction and sweet, sweet chaos.
Sirius Black always was the impulsive, straightforward, determined and utterly unembarrassed type. One day he gets it into his head to proudly announce to the world that he is in fact shagging the most delicious werewolf ever. You have been warned.
Austin Bates delivers a different kind of romance with Memories of You and I really enjoyed this book! Hunter is suffering from amnesia after a bad fall and he’s now trying to re-learn who he is. When he returns to his apartment, trying to regain some normalcy after his mother tries a little too hard, he is met with a good-looking neighbor, Luke who is so nice to him and someone else, Vincent who claims he was his boyfriend and wants a second chance.
‘The game got quite a long way into production. I wrote a film script for the live action version and a game script for the game version. But then EA took over Origin and pulled the plug on the game. Chris later signed a new deal with Sony and we once again started work on the script, only to have the plug pulled again due to some issues Chris had with the parent company. Since then, nothing’s been done about the game and I’m quite content to have a novel out of it. I’d always wanted to collaborate with Storm, so it satisfied that particular impulse.'[4]
I absolutely loved this book! Trevor and Brock are amazing characters! I loved how real their live for each other was. How they started as friends and fell for each other! This was my second time reading this book and it won’t be my last!
“I have stretch marks almost everywhere on my body and I have a huge stitch in my stomach and I feel so…I feel so ugly looking at them, Yoongi,” He breaks down and hides his face in Yoongi’s shoulder as he cries.
Betrayed and discarded by the man he trusted for the past three years, Thomas suddenly finds himself homeless, penniless, and angry as hell.Zane knows the penalties for attacking a Dom inside Club Stunhz, so he moves quickly to calm an overwrought… Lire la suite
“No.” Gwen sighed therally annoyed. Really she didn’t know how he could be so stupid; then again he was a boy. “I talked to him, but he didn’t tell me what the matter was. Maybe you should try?” She suggested.
WARNING: Slash RLSB MWPP Era OneShot Sirius joins Remus when he stays home from a Hogsmeade visit. He decides to tell him about his feelings, because when he starts something he has to finish it. Besides, there’s firewhiskey and no one else around…
2. 28. You want the best for me29. You want me to be happy30. You can talk to me about anything31. You hold my hand32. You don’t care what others think33. You aren’t afraid to share your opinion34. You are always working hard for what you think is best35. You are perfectly imperfect36. You are tall37. You know all my favorite things38. You remind me every day that your love for me is endless39. You give the best advice40. You always help me see things from a better perspective41. You encourage me42. You have a wonderful outlook on life43. You do things I want to do44. You have a way better memory than me and help me remember45. You make me proud to be your future wife46. You tell me how you feel47. You don’t care when I dress like a bum48. You let me tickle you, even if I’m not the best at finding where49. You make me feel comfortable with you50. You assure me everything will be okay51. You tell me what you want
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