“Paranormal Mpreg Roma Paranormal Mpreg Shapeshifter”

I love this! I actually just made this for my husband because his birthday is Sunday. I made 33 because that’s how old he’ll be. I’m going to also add kisses to fill the jar. I let my son tell me a few things to put on stickers & I signed his name (he’s 3). I also combined 2 of your other ideas for another gift. I made a book of dates for the next year and the “love map” with maps of places we have lived, etc. I am so excited to give him these gifts! I love this site!!
AU Slash CainxShido Cain is a student teacher and Shido is one of his students. When they fall in love, the school and Shido’s parents try to keep them apart. Will Cain and Shido ever be together? COMPLETE
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Sunday morning finds a lost and confused James Potter in bed with – gasp – another man. Temporary amnesia makes him realise he is not as innocent as he thought he was. But oh, his partner has a particularly efficient way to make him remember. SLASH.
I did some research since it thoroughly confused me. What I found was this reply to an anon question by johnlocktentacles: “I guess the biggest problem for me, personally, is that there are a lot of folks out there who just loooove to read and write omegaverse fics, but won’t give fics with trans characters the time of day, and that’s shitty. If you go search for johnlock omegaverse fics, you’ll find plenty of reading options, but if you search for johnlock fics where one or both of them is trans, you get a tiny fraction of the number of results. to me, what that says is that people want to fetishize characteristics of certain trans people without actually acknowledging that trans people exist. People would rather invent an entirely new fictional gender structure than have trans characters.”
At loose ends now that his son has started college, Cody drops by the camping grounds, the scene of his biggest failure fourteen years ago, to reminisce about the man who helped him when he needed help the most. The gorgeous, sexy, compassionate… Lire la suite
The story did not deliver quite as much as I would have preferred, as some of the “world/setting” reveal was rather bland, and the overarching background plot (a Triad+Omega sent by an exiled/almost powerless goddess) was too huge to be easily acceptable. This mega-story certainly is intriguing, but it came across as a bit too blasé for me. (I guess I expect a long, detailed and provocative exploration for such an epic storyline.) Still, this level of drama separates this work from others that are a bit more “mundane” in their treatment of Werewolf-human interaction.
Kieran had no idea the man he”d been dreaming about was a real person…Yet he never would have guessed that actually meeting Ash would be just the beginning of their problems. Kieran is shocked to discover the people closest to him aren”t as accepting as he expected, and as family secrets are slowly revealed and once solid beliefs begin to unravel, can he really trust that bringing his mate home will keep the man safe?Ash can”t just up and leave his pack and move to Lupinville. He has responsibil… Kieran had no idea the man he”d been dreaming about was a real person…Yet he never would have guessed that actually meeting Ash would be just the beginning of their problems. Kieran is shocked to discover the people closest to him aren”t as accepting as he expected, and as family secrets are slowly revealed and once solid beliefs begin to unravel, can he really trust that bringing his mate home will keep the man safe?Ash can”t just up and leave his pack and move to Lupinville. He has responsibilities and people who rely on him. He needs time to organize his life. And he really wants a chance to think clearly without the mating heat fogging his mind.But as Kieran and Ash both work to prepare their lives and the people around them for a big change, it”s the discovery that their mating has an unexpected “side effect” that throws everything into chaos. With Ash suddenly in life-threatening danger, can Kieran find a way to make sure his mate is safe? Productinformatie:Taal: Engels;Formaat: Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM) ;Kopieerrechten: Het kopiëren van (delen van) de pagina’s is niet toegestaan ;ISBN10: 1311839496;ISBN13: 9781311839497; Engels | Ebook | 2015
In the recent 2015 UK elections, it was teen girls who showed that there is more to politics than humorless strategic campaigning. 17 year old Abby Tomlinson’s instigation of Milifandom (and the tactical sexualisation of Labour candidate Ed Miliband) spoke back to the endless effluence directed towards Miliband by the rightwing press, whilst also demonstrating to campaigners — including Miliband’s own — the importance of young voices, not to mention their capacity for getting a successful press campaign together. Milifandom is one example of a publicly visible subversive movement surrounding the 2015 elections, instigated by an unassuming fangirl. While teen girls have used fandom as way to experiment with their sexuality in unthreatening ways by practicing their first kiss on a poster of [insert heartthrob here], fan scholars have discussed the endless potentials of fan production — fan art and fiction — for re-working normative narratives.
How the hell did Remus always manage to reduce Sirius to the pile of mush he couldn’t help but become?What spell had that sly,devious,cunning and yet wholesomely attractive werewolf cast that made it so easy to fall in love with him?
“Welcome to a new world order! Coming soon to a mainstream near you.” This is where Lisa Duggan leaves us in her 2002 essay “The New Homonormativity: The Sexual Politics of Neoliberalism,” which examines an emerging politics after “gay liberation.” Instead of contesting dominant heteronormative ideologies and institutions, this new homonormativity upholds and sustains them. Duggan’s examples include the work of lesbian and gay organizations in the 90s such as the Independent Gay Forum (IGF) and writers like Andrew Sullivan, author of Virtually Normal, who argued that marriage is “the highest form of human happiness,” “a profoundly humanizing, traditionalizing step” and “ultimately the only reform that truly matters.” Duggan’s discourse focuses on showing how homonormativity abandons earlier political commitments to economic redistribution and protection of sexual freedoms by marginalizing those who challenge serial monogamy and those who feel oppressed by a binary gender or sex system – including transgender, bisexual, pansexual, and intersex people.
Fanfiction is an endless world of possibilities.  Through fic, we’re able to explore different dynamics between characters, follow plot threads not explored in the source material, or even completely turn the universes we love on their heads in any way we desire.  Fanfiction has helped people consider aspects of themselves including gender, sexuality, and kinks, as well as work through emotions or life experiences through the settings and characters of media with which we’re already familiar. In short, fanfiction is one of the greatest creative outlets ever, and I would not be the same if I hadn’t discovered it. 
alpha alpha male anymore attack baby began big breakfast breath cabin can’t child close didn’t want door Ethan asked Ethan felt Ethan knew Ethan nodded Ethan turned Ethan wanted Ethan whispered Ethan’s body Ethan’s hand everything eyes fated mate father feel front going gone grabbed growled hair happen hated Hawke asked Hawke knew Hawke looked Hawke nodded Hawke pulled Hawke’s hand he’d head healer hear heart hope hurt I’ve inside Jordan killed kiss knock leaned lips looked at Ethan Marlon mate’s mating ceremony meant Natasha needed never night numbers omega pack members pack’s territory parents pregnant protect puma pack ready roar Rygar scent shaft shifters shirt side sleep slid smell smile coming someone stomach strange sure swamp things thought throat took tree tree line trying Vash waiting wasn’t werewolf wolf form wolf pack wolfsbane wolves worry
The novel starts as a typical first person. Jason riddles off pointless details about himself, and then we’re thrown into his on the run lifestyle with his father, which brings me to my first issue. The telling. Huge problem in this book is the telling. We’re told Jason is nurturing, we’re told about his heats, we’re told he’s afraid, we’re told, through Mac’s pov that he’s traumatized. Meanwhile I’m waiting to be shown this world of shifters and the enclave which is actually interesting. Eventually we’re shown these things with minute detail, but it would have been so much sexier to see Jason writhing in his bed, tossing and turning from the heat pulsating though him, to make us feel his need!
Now tell me, how the hell could I stop loving someone when I can’t get you out of my mind? This explains everything. I think of you whenever I wake up, before I sleep and just about every moment in my life (exaggeration, hehe)
non-magic AU. Remus J. Lupin is a seventeen-year-old gay highschooler with a problem. Sirius Black is a twenty three year old straight tattoo artist with a BA girlfriend. What happens when they fall in love? M FOR A REASON PEOPLE! So if you’re not 18, please read something else.
I have a guilty pleasure—mpreg. Believe me, I know the psychological implications of being interested in this sort of kink, and I’d probably agree with most of what would apply to me, but that doesn’t change the fact that I love it.
The Marauders and beyond: How simple adventures in Hogwarts revealed special feelings for Sirius and Remus and how their relationship survived beyond school. Sirius Black X Remus Lupin Padfoot X Moony Rated M for later chapters. Regulus X Severus Snape
Remus has to forgive Sirius for the Shrieking Shack incident but things are not as easy as they seem, Sirius is not the only one to blame and there is more than one thing to forgive. postprank MWPP. Slash RemusSirius. Complete.
On his way home from a meeting of the North American werewolf council, Armand La Marche is stopped in his limousine by a boy who is hurt by an unknown assailant who murdered his friend. After decades of searching, Armand has found his mate. There is one problem, someone is trying to kill Sean.