“Darkglass Alphaomega Traditional Art”

Malfoy spots Potter and Granger having a conversation about Slughorn’s Christmas party and pulls Harry away for a bit of a ‘conversation’. Pure smut. Tiny bit of fluff. No real plot. Written as a gift to a friend.
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Getting pregnant was supposed to solve their problems, but it was only the beginning of more. Gail, an Omega, never wanted to find a mate, he assumed that as soon as he found a mate they would take away his free will. Lucien and Cyrus, an Alpha and a Beta, were happy together and never felt the n…
A young girl is sent back in time to make sure she’s concieved but she can’t reveal to much of the future otherwise the whole course of history could be rewritten. Who are her parents and why is she so worried that her parents won’t get together? HD SLASH
Characters who seem strong, can, in fact, be scared half to death. Characters who seem to be so caring, can in fact be acting out of guilt, not genuine concern for others. We all have those fatal weaknesses, and most of us don’t volunteer these blemishes to the world.
This was super sweet. I mean melt in your mouth fall in love kind of romance. It had its sexy moments too but Mac and Jason are the epitome of a falling in love more and more as you learn about someone. They were not even supposed to be the couple, or so it seemed at first, but the more they got to know one another the more they fell in love. I love that it wasnt instant just because of a mating thing like most shifter stories. most of the time its a destined thing and that. well this is so much better. they get to be sweet and lovey and learn more and more about one another to love day after day. more romance books should be written this way.
Adam is cool, intelligent and drop-dead gorgeous – all the guys tell him so! When he is forced to start voluntary work at the local homeless shelter, all he worries about is keeping the clients well away from him and finishing the placement as soon as possible. Until he meets Tork.
“Why don’t you stay here for the night?” Ben smiled brightly at Kevin. “Really? I’ve never had a sleep over before!” Kevin chuckled; it was kind of cute how excited he got. “Well it’s kind of hard to ‘sleep over’ in a car, but what the hay.” Ben laughed excitedly, and took off his shoes.
But grief and love alike will have to take a back seat when Cody sees a future in flames: a necromancer plans on taking the whole city straight to hell. Mark and his pupil will have to fight an entire army of the undead together… all the while wondering: is fated love just as deep the second time around?
The closest thing to a home I found was the subway, of course I would have to steal to get by. Nobody wanted to be my friend, they called me a freak and shunned me. I grew up alone never to know the love of parents or friends, I became a sociopath.
Recently widowed, he takes his pups and flees his pack to avoid a new mate who wants him—but not his babies. At Mercy Hills, he finds the help he’d hoped for, but also a man who both attracts and unnerves him. He doesn’t want another alpha mate, or even any mate, though he knows that an omega has to have one. But Abel is unlike any other alpha he’s ever met, and the hope that had been crushed out of him begins to grow again in the warmth of Abel’s kindness and strength.
In fact, if we look at The Joy Luck Club the entire book hinges on the fact that the mothers are trying to break the curses of the past by merely changing geography. Yet, as their daughters grow into women, they see the faces of the same demons wreaking havoc in their daughters’ lives…even though they are thousands of miles away from the past (China).
The two immortals in their room for the rest of the night and having somewhat an argument. The taller one of the two was sitting on the bed and other was on the floor. The shorter of the two was started to begged for some thing.
            “I love you,” Isaac breathed out with a laughed. As the two lovers laid together, they were oblivious to the young male that was running across Scott’s yard and climbing up the side of his house. This same young man swung himself into Scott’s bedroom window and saw the two boys cuddled up.
Harry Potter – Rated: K+ – English – Romance/Adventure – Chapters: 45 – Words: 55,386 – Reviews: 534 – Favs: 121 – Follows: 82 – Updated: 11/1/2011 – Published: 3/13/2011 – [Remus L., Sirius B.] Marauders – Complete
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Jared rolled his eyes and pulled him in for a gently hug. “I just want to take good care of you and pumpkin in there.” Jared rubbed soothing circles into the tight muscles in his lower back, murmuring nonsense assurances into his ear.
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I really enjoyed what the author did here by entwining a new species, vampire lore and Mpreg. I have to say that the story started off a bit slow for me, but once I was past the details of the vampire council in Chapter 1, it started to pick up for me.
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She passed up a four-year scholarship to put her husband through college. Then she paid her own way through after he was done…with college and with her, when he walked out the day after he got his degree. But now she was finished and enjoying a graduation present to herself in the form of one…
The sequal to “A Shift In Time and Power”. Mimiko decided to adopt Alice, Kataro’s reincarnation, and Jiro goes with her. They are met with the shock of an old enemy returning, and a surprise that could even make the great Silver Blade pass out.
A secret wish and a chance encounter with a unique being will leave Jim and Spock having to deal with something they never saw coming… Parenthood. WARNING: K/S pairing and Mpreg. NO FLAMES PLEASE and REVIEWS ARE LUV!
Shaking his head in confusion—he’d never even considered the idea that he might be gay—Kieran rinsed off and then soaped up again. He would swear he could still smell his mate’s delicious scent in the air and on his skin, so he soaped up a third time even as he laughed humorlessly at his behavior. No amount of froth and bubbles was going to erase a memory from his mind.
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Harry thought he knew all the important bits about the Wizarding World. Turns out he was wrong, however, and why does nobody ever tell him these things before it’s too late? Birthday fic; Harry’s pov; implied mature content; MPreg; slash; A/B/O dynamics; more warnings inside
Ethan, once only an omega wolf, is suddenly thrown into the role of alpha after his brother’s death at the hands of dangerous puma shifters. He’s determined to protect the pack and lead them well. But after a surprise meeting with his true mate leads to a scorching-hot time in the forest, Ethan ends up with a surprise: he’s pregnant! Even though he’s eager to bring his mate—a dark and powerful alpha wolf named Hawke—into his pack, Hawke remains elusive. Ethan’s sure his mate is hiding secrets, but the heat between them is too much to deny. But when his mate keeps disappearing as Ethan’s pregnancy advances, he becomes increasingly worried things are not what they seem.
AU. Instead of facing a single corrupt wizard, the Marauders face an entirely corrupt government. After rescuing Remus from a werewolf containment facility, a relationship between him and Sirius Black develops. This is their story. SBRL, JPLE, SLASH.
As much as each of the Dating Divas love their husbands, not one of us can say we are married to a perfect man, and we don’t claim to be perfect wives either. We all experience the ups, downs, and challenges of married life just like each of you. We each have realized though, that the more we focus on the positive aspects of our spouse and marriage, the better each of our marriages become:) hope you enjoy creating this book for the love of your life and find new ways to show your love for each other every single day!
Simon has a secret. He’s a male omega and he’s spent years avoiding his mate and hiding the truth from the Lupinville pack, so what happens when Maggie realizes and sends Lukas to check on him just as he goes into heat?   A Lu…
“Apologizing won’t solve anything!” he yelled at Liam, who flinched at Zayn’s actions “Apologizing won’t bring him back” Zayn whispered to himself, as tear star pouring down his face. But Liam was close, and heard Zayn.
COMPLETE! Student-teacher AU. It’s Remus’ final year at Hogwarts and he doesn’t know what to expect with Prof Black as the new DADA teacher. Voldemort is gaining power, the wizarding world is in dispute, and Remus has no idea where he fits into all of it.
He is Kakuzu’s current and last partner. He was also his lover for seven years. He was shorter than Kakuzu. He was 5’7. Hidan loved to showed off his muscular body. His skin was really pale almost like he had no heartbeat. Hidan pull back his sliver hair. His hair was a sliver in the light but in the shadows it looked like he had gray hair. He had bright magenta eyes with a crimson tint to them. He never wears a shirt but only for special occasions. He always worn a Jashin symbol on his pale neck. The necklace was a circle with a downwards triangle and with small beads to hold nice and tight. Hidan is the foul mouth, immoral.